About the 409th Historian


The hat is special. I wear it whenever I go exploring. I wore it to Rome recently where I went looking for subterranean Mithraic grottos beneath Catholic basilicas. It’s my lucky hat. Besides shading my head in summer, it keeps it warm in winter. But most of all it seems, like a divining rod, to always point me to places where discoveries lay. I was wearing it when I found a piece of Bills’ A-26 in a wooded hollow high up in the hills on the Luxembourg-Germany border last summer. 

The hat was given to me by some dear friends and their little boys from Florida some twenty or so years ago. The boys are grown now. I haven’t seen them in years. When I wear it, I think of them. And when I wear it I find things. I like to think they knew it has some mysterious power to guide me; for, you see, when the game’s afoot I usually dawn a hat. And this one has been by far the best. I call it my “history” hat. It hangs in my study where all my books are when I’m not wearing it. It inspires me. Besides, when I pull it down snugly on my head, it looks really great on this big Texas man!

If you haven’t figured it out by now, history is my thing. My father, William E. Hudson, served in the 409th, 640th squadron as a gunner. He flew 51 missions over Europe. He never said much about the war or his role in it. He doesn’t say much now. I discovered the 409th some years ago reading his flight log. To learn more about the bomber group in which my father served and to learn something about the service he performed, I began looking into the history of the 409th. This past September the 409th Association made me their historian. With considerable honor I assume this task with great pleasure having had this confidence vested in me by the veterans and members of the group. Together with membership help I hope to make this blog valuable and memorable for all.

My name is Richard Hudson. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in history from the Universityof North Texas in Denton, Texas. I have also acquired a minor in journalism. Presently, I am engaged in graduate studies for a Masters in military history.

My email: ragtaghistorian@gmail.com or rag-tag409@att.net    

Phone: (817) 428-2214.


3 responses to “About the 409th Historian

  1. Hi Richard, I’m replying to your comment on the website I started for the 409th. I’m interested in your ideas about working together, please feel free to email me directly.


    • Shanna Averre

      Hello Uncle Richard,

      Just wanted to say congratulations on your new post as the 409th Historian and that I love the website. It is nice knowing we will always have a piece of Grandfather’s History with us!! SMA

      • Thank you, Shanna!

        Please contribute any tidbits of information you may have heard from your grandfather (my dad). He hasn’t been one to share a lot about his wartime experiences. In fact, getting information from him is like prying open a clam. But every now and then, he will drop a nugget or two to different ones of us. If we put the nuggets together maybe we can garner enough tidbits to get a picture of what he did and what he went through as a machinegunner in A20s and A26s during the war. So, if you’ve heard him share a tidbit or two, send them to me and I’ll put them into the post for others to read. Thanks for writing and hope all is well with you.

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