About This Blog

This blog is devoted to the history of the 409th Light Bombardment Group of WWII.

Mostly this is a journal I am keeping as the official historian of the 409th. My hope is that it will stimulate serious research into the origins, the developement, and the wartime activities of the Light Bombardment Group.

The 409th flew the fast and supple Douglas A-20 Havocs and, toward the end of the war, the Douglas A-26 Invaders. Though it is desired to provide historical information about these two light attack bombers, this blog is really about the men and women who comprised the group that supported, maintained, and  flew these machines. It is also about missions – how they were planned, how they were executed, what happened, how the men who flew them were affected, who lived and who didn’t and why. And leave and base activity and what was going on while the pilots, navigators, and gunners were flying in harms way.

History is an interesting thing, especially military history. In the heat of battle men see, hear, and experience the same events, but often interpret them differently. In order to get as accurate a picture of these events as possible, it requires information from each man and woman involved. It is hoped that this blog will help garner such information by promoting dialogue among surviving veterans and their family members.

So there it is. This blog is herewith opened for input, stories, criticism – whatever it takes to fleshout the history of the 409th as accuratelyas possible. There are some mysteries that need solving. More clarification is needed if this generation and those to come are to have a good understanding and appreciation for what the 409th Light Bombardment Group contributed to the World War II effort.

More to come.


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  1. John L. Baker

    My uncle Clifford Baker was shot down over Germany on Feb 21, 1945, and within the last few years, a German citizen spoke with a man who watched the A26-B crash when he was a youngster. For the last several years, I have been trying to find any vets from the 409th who might have known my uncle or the other two members of the crew. I would welcome ANY pictures of my uncle, Thomas Harrison, or the pilot, Gene Murphy or their bomber.
    Thank you..

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